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The Escapade spa is a full-sized tub with a generous open seating design. The positioning of the seats and the jets was engineered to cradle, pamper, and revitalize sore muscles and flagging spirits. The 45 jets within the Escapade include two waterfalls and are powered by two 4 HP water pumps and a one HP optional air blower.
Hot Tubs Seating: 6-7 Adults and Children
Size L x W x H: 88.5" x 88.5" x 38"
  (225 x 225 x 97 cm)
Weight Dry/Wet: 675/4,493 Lbs
  (307/2042 kg)
Loading: 82.6 lbs./sq. ft
  405 Kg/m2
Gals/Liters: 460/1741
Horsepower: 8-Water *
Voltage/Amps: 220v / 60amps **
*50HZ - 6 Horsepower LX & LS
**50HZ - Designed for European amperage




Calf / thigh 8 0
Volcano 1 1
Swirl 9 9
Foot Cluster 8 4
Quad Stream 4 4
Midi Directional 13 13
Neck / Shoulder 8 4
Total Jet Count 51 35
Waterfalls 2 2
Stainless Steel Jets  Opt
1HP Air Pump  Opt

VitAroma™   Aromatherapy 

Excel-Plus™ (Simulated Wood)
No Blame™ Heater 
24-Hour Filtration 
Floor Drain 
Freeze Protection 
InsulFoam™  Opt
Perma-Shield™ Bottom 
Premier Styled Cover 
Ozone Opt
Vita Spa The World's Best hot tub spa
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